Loss of Libido: Simply About the Difficult

Just looking at a man, you will never say whether he has any problems with his sexual function. A young and healthy man without bad habits and exercising regularly may be impotent. Surprising as it may seem but it may be caused by … food.

Common foods that we eat every day may accumulate harmful substances in our body and have a delayed effect. In a short time, a healthy man turns into a man with problems in his sex life.

Dangerous foods

Here is a list of foods that may provoke problems in men’s health:

  • fat meat, fast food, butter: harmful substances are deposited inside the arteries making them narrow. Typically, when a man sees an attractive woman, his blood vessels dilate, blood is delivered to the penis and erection occurs. But with erectile dysfunction this won’t happen;
  • cow milk cheeses contain growth hormones that change the endocrine profile and lower testosterone levels;
  • cigarettes and alcohol have a negative impact on the motility and the quality of sperm;
  • coffee is bad for the suprarenal glands and production of sex hormones.

A snowball effect occurs - fails in sex lead to psychological problems and consequently, sex drive is reduced even more.

How to become sexually active again?

Stop eating saturated fats. Avoid hamburgers or bread-and-butter for your breakfast and you will help your arteries.

Do not abuse alcohol and smoking, it will help you to maintain the adequate level and the amount of your sperm.

Exercise regularly - 2-3 times a week is enough to increase your testosterone level and libido.

If your lack of interest in sex continues, try a reliable medication Sildenafil. Take a tablet shortly before the sexual intercourse. The blood flow to the penis will increase and you will have an erection naturally.

This medication works naturally activating mechanisms of erection. When a man feels sexual attraction, the medication will help him to achieve an erection. At the end of the intercourse, the penis will be gradually relaxing.