Why discuss ED diagnosis with a partner

Erectile dysfunction often causes embarrassment in men. They can experience difficulties when discussing this issue with their partners. Men may feel nervousness and anxiety talking about the problems in sex. Fear appears as they do not know what reaction will follow.

However, the problem should be solved jointly. This is wrong to run away from it. The situation is challenging for both in a couple. Many couples fail in this struggle. What should they do to avoid breakup?

The answer is simple: they should discuss of the problem. Only communication can become a sticking glue that keeps people together as they go through hard periods. People can achieve successful sexual relationship thanks to communication. Follow these recommendations to be able to discuss the problem of erectile dysfunction with your partner.

Bedroom is not the place to discuss the problems

Don't discuss sexual problems in the bedroom. Otherwise, it can bring to bigger frustration. Person should find some other time for sincere talk. Nothing should distract the attention. Switch off the phone. Concentrate on the problem and discuss it openly.

Forget about embarrassment

Shyness is often in the way when you are about to discuss the problem of erectile dysfunction with a partner. Remove all fears. It may happen easier than it seems. Just begin talking and you will manage it! Who will refuse to listen if you say that this talk may determine your future and happiness? Let your partner know that this issue is very important for you.

There should be no accusations or judgments in this conversation. Appeal to the facts and not the emotions.

Sometimes when discussion begins the partner finds out that the other party also wanted to discuss it. Overcome your awkwardness and the talk will flow easily.

Nobody is to blame!

Bothe in a couple should understand that nobody is to blame that it happened this way. Physical factors cause impotence more often than other factors. When person suffers from depression he takes the treatment which impairs the arousal and sexual function. There are diseases that provoke the development of ED problems as they affect the ability to get erection. They are diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and etc.

Men sometimes feel that they lose masculinity with ED diagnosis. Try to give assurance to your partner and persuade that this is wrong to think so. ED diagnosis does not say about the feelings of the person еще he partner. It only says that there is something wrong in the body. The condition is just a sign of something serious that may follow later. You should be glad that they were revealed in this way. It means that you have time to take measures until it is too late. Person starts healthier life when ED issue arises. He pays more attention to healthy nutrition and physical exercises then. There is an opportunity to improve life.

Think about the partners' feelings

Men accept the diagnosis with difficulty. They can be irritated and inadequate. You should understand that and make your partner believe that he is loved not depending upon the circumstances. He should believe that you will overcome the problem together. Say that these problems are temporary and all will be fine. Partners who manage that become closer to each other.

Discuss the treatment

After the issue was raised take the measures to solve the problem. You should figure out the right treatment plan. Visit the doctor together. Clarify all unclear points for you.

Continue communication

ED treatment can be quick or it can take weeks. People should continue communication to support each other in this hard period. You will probably need to change treatment. Be ready to face the obstacles. The medication may have some side effects. Use of pump device may, probably, require more practice. The couple should not give up and they will succeed then.

If you overcome all this the reward expects the couple. They will get more pleasurable sex than before and value the moments spent together.