7 myths about erectile dysfunction

People tend to believe myths for some reason. Though they are frequently unveiled in mass media myths continue circulating among people. The most common myths include the following ones:

Myth 1: Men must not be always ready to sex.

Life is full of ups and down. Today all can go smoothly in your life. However, you never know what to expect tomorrow. It certainly affects us when things that we love suddenly disappear. It is mistake to think that man must always be ready to have sex. Sometimes men are not just in mood and this affects the desire. Just like women men need to prepare for sexual intercourse. Tiredness can also affect the erection considerably. When man is exhausted he does not have enough energy for it. But hasty conclusions make men think about ED problem. One failure does not indicate anything. Tension and stress does not let your muscles relax. Arousal is impossible without relaxation.

Myth 2: Every healthy man should have automatic erections. Treatment is necessary if this does not happen.

People are not machines and can't be automatically switched on. Foreplay is needed to both men and women before sexual intercourse. Sexual stimulation makes penis hard and full. This is exciting to arouse and touch each other to achieve burning desire and physical response. Why remove these wonderful moments from your life and wait for automatic erections?

Myth 3: Erection in men does not mean that man wants sex automatically.

Male erection is frequently a part of natural process. The erection occurs as a part of physiological process. There are a lot of non-sexual situations when erection can occur, such as when man sleeps at night.

Myth 4: Pill does not bring automatic erection.

Man should wait a little until the tablet is dissolved in the body to get maximum effect within an hour. Then it functions in the course of 4-5 hours. But that does not mean that erection will arrive automatically. The man also needs to have stimulation and arousal. Actually, the process does not differ from the natural one. Therefore patients prefer pills to other ED methods.

Myth 5: Erectile dysfunction is irreversible condition.

There is no need to panic and think that life is over just because you were diagnosed with impotence. This is a treatable condition that is easily eliminated with help of medicines. Not all men could get quality ED treatment before. Now Viagra and PDE5 inhibitors help men achieve erection by means of enhanced blood circulation.

Myth 6: Any kind of sport can enhance male power.

This is not so. It was revealed that cycling can cause erectile dysfunction in men. Do not cycle too much if you have problems with erectile dysfunction. Seats should be convenient not to bring harm to muscle that is connected with penis and can damage erection.